Hello, my name is Alphonse Ferrari and I’m 38 years old. I’m a graphic designer since 2006 and a freelancer since 2014.

What motivates me the most in my job are the endless creative possibilities, evolution and the constant learning of new things. Over the years, I’ve worked for different advertisers and communication agencies like Publicis Dialog starting as a web designer, then artistic director.

After many years elaborating desktop and mobile interfaces, I decided to follow a new direction. I have a passion for motion design, animation, VFX, cinema, illustration, 3D and I started a self-taught training in After Effects and Cinema 4D. I learn quickly and I can easily adapt to new environments and work independently. I am always happy to work in a team, and to brainstorm and cooperate with others. My visual style is versatile. I pay attention to details. I adapt to your workflow and provide you with my skills on all or part of my business expertise, depending on the needs of your project.


First prize of the 2019 short films contest at the Reunion island « Même pas peur » Film Festival with Thierry Serveau.

We did it in 1 month with the constraint of using 5 imposed words : Octopus, vinyl record, green onion, vacuum, pestle.

Watch the movie